AAVSO Alert Notices


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AAVSO Alert Notices


(Link inactive 8 April 2004)


(Link active 8 April 2004)

(Link inactive 13 May 2013)


(Link active 13 May 2013)

AAVSO Alert Notices is an electronic newsletter publishedThe American

Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) is the largest organization

of variable star observers worldwide, with members in over 40 countries.

Its purpose is to coordinate variable star observations made largely by

amateur astronomers, evaluate the accuracy of these observations, compile,

process, and publish them, and make them available to researchers and

educators. AAVSO Headquarters now receives over 300,000 observations

yearly, from 550 observers worldwide, over half of whom live outside of

the USA. Over 7.5 million observations of variable stars have been

compiled since the founding of the AAVSO in 1911.

The AAVSO Alert Notices are published irregularly, and alert those

interested to the discovery of novae, unusual activity of variable stars,

and special requests from astronomers for simultaneous AAVSO observations.

Alert Notices have allowed the AAVSO to alert hundreds of observers around

the world for missions including NASA's recent Astro-2 mission.

The Alert Notices are posted here, along with links to electronic forms of

the charts in GIF image format and in PostScript and LaserJet file




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