Accelerator Machine Physics


Subject: Accelerator Machine Physics
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 11:04:43 -0500 (EST)

Accelerator Machine Physics

A new all-electronic journal to meet the needs of all those interested in
the design and development of accelerators will be launched by the
Institute of Physics in 1998. Published to our usual high-quality,
peer-reviewed standards, access will be free to all.

Particle Accelerators play a crucial role in a wide variety of scientific,
technological and medical activities. Although traditionally associated
with high energy particle physics, the majority of accelerators in the
world are devoted to activities other than HEP. Examples include:

The widespread use of synchrotron radiation based on the acceleration
of electrons or positrons to probe matter on a variety of length and
time scales
The use of proton accelerators to produce thermal neutrons or muons
by nuclear spallation
Synchrotron-based UV or X-ray lithography for the production of
integrated circuits
The acceleration of exotic nuclei in nuclear physics
The use of electron linear accelerators and/or proton cyclotrons for
radiation (cancer) therapy
Production of isotopes with cyclotrons
The management of nuclear waste by spallation
... and many others.

Although most of the cutting edge technology was driven by the needs of
HEP, the widespread importance of accelerators has led to generic problems
associated with cavity and magnet design, beam stability, injection,
radiation hazards, vacuum technology, ...

It is intended that the new journal will concentrate on novel aspects of
the physics of accelerators at the component, systems and overall design
level and allow developments in one area to be understood and considered
in the wider context. Full text online access is available to all at no
cost. There are no article or page charges.

An electronic archive will be maintained, but also hard copies will be
distributed to all subscribers as an archival supplement to Journal of
Physics G.

Papers and letters are solicited. An international Editorial Board is at
present being set up and all papers will be refereed by leaders in the

The journal will be launched in 1998. Further details are available from:

Nigel Hollingworth, Business Development Manager,
Institute of Physics Publishing.

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Monday, February 9, 1998
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