Access: History


Access: History

Publisher: University of Queensland

Access: History is a refereed journal produced by the University of
Queensland Department of History in association with the University of
Queensland History Graduates¹ Association.

Originally the purpose of the journal was to fill the gap of the perceived
lack of high-quality historical essays provided for undergraduate students
for use as example papers.  The attempt to fill this need was complimented
by the decision to employ top rated essays written by final year
undergraduates and postgraduates form the University¹s history department. 
Essays which would otherwise have merely gathered dust on a bookshelf or un
a closet. 

Recently the decision was made to narrow the journal¹s focus further still
in order to concentrate on assisting first year students in their
development as historians.  To this end, from volume three onwards, articles
will be commissioned which will attempt to address some of the questions
first year history students tend to ask.  Also, the essays chosen by the
editors will reflect the example of best practice of the craft of the
historian in subject selection, research and delivery.

ISSN 1440-8449

Editorial Board:

Laurence Brown (Editor)

Mark Dash

Michael Barr

Content available in PDF format.

Current Issue: Volume 3, Number 1 Summer 2000

Date: 29 December 2006

Original posting date: 
Friday, December 29, 2006
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