Accord: an International Review of Peace Initiatives


Accord: an International Review of Peace Initiatives

Publisher: Conciliation Resources

Conciliation Resources' Accord Programme aims to respond to the ongoing
challenge of informing and enhancing peace processes around the world.
Working collaboratively with locally-based organizations, the Accord
Programme provides documentation and analysis of past and comparable peace
processes to support the efforts of those directly involved in transforming
armed conflict into opportunities for sustainable human development. It
seeks to address the issues and experiences involved from a 'practitioner'
perspective, in order to make an appropriate contribution to the design and
implementation of more effective peacemaking strategies.

The programme aims to a) document peace processes and initiatives and the
sources and dynamics of particular conflicts; b) increase public access,
both locally and internationally to the understanding of peace processes and
peace agreements c) promote learning, domestically and internationally from
past and comparable peace making experiences; and d) to work in such a way
as to model conflict-sensitive international relationships, enhancing local
capacities and engaging in a timely way.

A key activity of the Accord Programme continues to be the production of the
website and publication series, Accord: an international review of peace
initiatives. Each issue of Accord is authored by both local and foreign
writers, who play or have played direct roles in the peace processes. They
analyse the sources and dynamics of the conflict, key features of the peace
processes and the profiles of main actors involved. Each Accord issue also
contains key texts of agreements signed, a chronology, maps and photographs.

Project activities with local partners are developed collaboratively to
respond to the specific demands of each context. They include: the highly
consultative process of commissioning and producing the publication and its
adaptation into local editions in relevant languages; seminars to discuss
the issues raised in the publications; the production of educational
'discussion packs' with exercises to facilitate group learning; and,
increasingly, efforts to adapt the information and analysis from the
publication to other media.

The team continues to work to bring the publication to a targeted global
audience, including primary parties to conflicts, those playing third party
roles, international organizations and locally based NGOs. We continue to
expand our complimentary mailing list. Communication from our readers
indicates that Accord continues to be used in education and training
programmes around the world to teach activists from war zones about the
dynamics of peace processes and to explore models for settling conflict.

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Celia McKeon
Programme Manager/ Series Editor

Content freely available online.

Current Issue: Accord 15 (2004)

Date: 25 Feb. 2005

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Friday, February 25, 2005
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