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Subject: Accounting, Organizations and Society
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Accounting, Organizations and Society
(Link inactive 31 August 2004)
(Link active 31 August 2004)

Accounting, Organizations & Society is a major
international journal concerned with all aspects of the
relationship between accounting and human behavior,
organizational structures and processes, and the
changing social and political environment of the
enterprise. Its unique focus covers such topics as: the
social role of accounting, social accounting, social
audit and accounting for scarce resources; the provision
of accounting information to employees and trade unions
and the development of participative information
systems; processes influencing accounting innovations
and the social and political aspects of accounting
standard setting; behavioral studies of the users of
accounting information; information processing views of
organizations, and the relationship between accounting
and other information systems and organizational
structures and processes; organizational strategies for
designing accounting and information systems; human
resource accounting; cognitive aspects of accounting and
decision-making processes, and the behavioral aspects
of budgeting, planning and investment appraisal.

Researchers and students involved in behavioral,
organizational and social aspects of accounting.
personnel managers, information technologists.

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