ACE: Architecture, City and Environment


ACE: Architecture, City and Environment

Publisher: Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña

This electronic magazine is promoted by the "City Territory and Environment"
Network and edited by Centre of Land Policy and Valuations (CPSV) from the
Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

This magazine is addressed to a multidisciplinar public: architects,
engineers, geographers, economists, sociologists, environmentalists, and in
general the urban and real-state experts.

ACE will be spreaded by especialized media diffusion (Universities,
Investigation centers, I+D enterprise departments, etc.) of advanced
investigations in the following fields:

* Architectonic and urban heritage: Restoration, rehabilitation and
intervention of architectonic and urban heritage.
* Urban History: Historical evolution analysis of cities, of its physical,
economic, social, cultural transformations. Principles and methods evolution
for urban planning and land and urban management.
* Urban and land studies: Urban and land structure analysis. Cities system
and metropolitan areas. Urbanization and building models and morphologies.
* Planning and land and city management: Land and urban planning, urban
management and planning execution.
* Land politics and housing: Landuse, generation and recovering of
plusvalues, housing planning and social integral housing, etc.
* Planning, transport management and urban mobility analysis and mobility
* Land and city administration: Land organization, smart administration
techniques for urban and land administration reality, social cohesion and
participation "Governance".
* Urban ecology: urban and land ecosystem, materia, energy and information
flows analysis and diagnosis.
* Urban environment and sustainability: urban life quality and
sustainability, environmental diagnosis of urban and land planning,
sustainable planning and management of cities, sustainable mobility.
* Energy, architecture and city: quality and confort analysis and control of
the urban and architectonic environments.
* Environmental behaviour of buildings and urban systems: thermic, light and
acoustic valuation of architectonic and urbanistic spaces: techniques of
energy enhancement of the architecture and its environs; integration of
energy renewal systems.
* Urban and environmental valuation: Land and real estate valuation,
feasibility study of economic and social projects integrated to land and
urban interventions.
* Information city and society: land and urban transformation analysis of
the society information era, "knowledge city".
* Geographic and land information systems: Urban and land management and
analysis, via new technologies. GIS and Remote Sensing.
* Urban representation:Graphic expresion of city and land, geometry and 3D
model, color and shape of city architecture.
* Virtual city and heritage: Aplication of virtual reality (VR), Increased
reality in the analysis and architectonic heritage representation, and city
and land new technologies.

The former topics will be structured in five basic sections:

* Architctonic heritage and urban history.
* Land and city planning.
* Urban management and evaluation.
* Architecture, ecology and city.
* Virtual models and cities.

ACE will be published in two versions: 1) English and 2) Languages: Spanish,
Catalan, French, Italian and Portuguese.

ISSN: 1886-480

ACE: Architecture, City and Environment
Diagonal Av., 649, 4th floor
08028, Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +(34) 93 401 08 82
Fax: +(34) 93 401 08 43

ACE is available free of charge as an Open Access journal on the Internet.

Abstracts available online. Articles available in PDF format.

Current Issue: 2006, núm. 2

Date: 11 December 2006

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Monday, December 11, 2006
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