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Kallan D Resnick wrote:
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Subject: ACM Music
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 01:48:45 -0500 (EST)

ACM Christian Music
(Link inactive 8 April 2004)
(Link active 8 April 2004)

ACM: Australian Christian Music is a World Wide Web Page set up as a
simple magazine-style information source which can be accessed by
anyone, anywhere in the world.

ACM intends being a central information source for Australian Christian
Music information. It is available to anyone in Australia -
immediately, with up to date information, and without regard to
distribution deals or distance.

It joins a large supply of Christian Resources on the Internet -
alongside companies like Gotee Records, Reunion Records, GMA, the Art
House, and performers like Charlie Peacock and Brent Bourgeois, who all
have an active Internet presence.

As Administrator - I am co-ordinating the ACM page, updating ACM as info
comes to hand. As is explained on the page itself - it deals in any
information regarding any type of Australian Christian Music.

There has already been a good response to the ACM Page as word gets out
across the Net. People are e-mailing encouragement and suggestions from
all parts of Australia, and all corners of the globe. They say the page
has been well put together, and the concept is long- overdue.

The focus of ACM is to always remain on His service, and not to serve
the technology.

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Monday, January 22, 1996
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