ACM Transactions on Information and System Security


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Subject: ACM Transactions on Information and System Security
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 22:11:50 -0400

ACM Transactions on Information and System Security

This addition to ACM's Transactions Series is devoted to the study,
analysis, and application of information and system security. TISSEC will
begin as a paper-based journal, but will evolve into an electronic
publication. The editorial board is committed to a turnaround time
comparable to research conferences while ensuring archival journal quality.

Topics include:
- Security Technologies: authentication; authorization models and
mechanisms; auditing and intrusion detection; cryptographic algorithms,
protocols, services, and infrastructure;recovery and survivable operation;
risk analysis; assurance including cryptanalysis and formal methods;
penetration technologies including viruses, Trojan horses,
spoofing,sniffing, cracking, and covert channels,
- Secure Systems: secure operating systems, database systems and networks;
secure distributed systems including security middleware; secure web
browsers, servers, and mobile code; specialized secure systems for specific
application areas; interoperability, and composition.
- Security Applications: threats, system tradeoffs, and unique needs of
applications; representative application areas include information systems,
workflow, electronic commerce, electronic cash, copyright and intellectual
property protection, telecommunications systems, wireless systems, and
health care.
- Security Policies: confidentiality, integrity, availability, privacy,
usage, and survivability policies; tradeoffs, conflicts and synergy among
security objectives.

Abstracts are available in HTML format. Full-text articles are available in
PDF format. Access to full-text is by pay-per-view or subscription only.

Editor in Chief: Ravi Sandhu

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Tuesday, September 25, 2001
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