Acta Borealia: A Nordic Journal of Circumpolar Societies


Acta Borealia: A Nordic Journal of Circumpolar Societies

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Acta Borealia is a multi-disciplinary scientific journal for cultural
studies. The journal presents results from basic research on northern
societies, including reviews of new books about the north. The contributing
authors are mainly from the Nordic countries, but also from other countries
performing research on circumpolar societies. The journal publishes articles
in such disciplines as history, archaeology, social anthropology,
ethnography, geography and linguistics.

Acta Borealia is edited by a group of scholars at the University of Tromsø,
and is the only journal dedicated exclusively to a multidisciplinary,
comparative focus on circumpolar societies.

Topics of primary concern are:

* ethnic relations
* settlement patterns and developments
* economy
* political, cultural and social phenomena from prehistoric times to the
recent past.

Articles and book reviews are published in English.

ISSN Print 0800-3831
ISSN Online 1503-111X

Acta Borealia
Department of History
Faculty of Social Science
University of Tromsø
N-9037 Tromsø, Norway

Content available by subscription. Free sample issue available online.

Current Issue: Volume 20, Number 2 / December 2003

Date: 22 June 2004

Original posting date: 
Tuesday, June 22, 2004
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