Acta Geotechnica


Acta Geotechnica

Publisher: Springer Berlin / Heidelberg

Acta Geotechnica is an international journal devoted to the publication and
dissemination of basic and applied research in geoengineering ­ an
interdisciplinary field dealing with geomaterials (soils and rocks).
Emphasis is placed on the interplay between the geomechanical models and
their engineering applications.

The journal welcomes original research papers on the fundamental concepts in
geomechanics and their novel applications in geoengineering based on
experimental, analytical and/or numerical approaches. In addition to the
scientific merit, the contributions for publication are selected for their
application potential in geoengineering leading to reliable prediction and
rational and sustainable design.

The main purpose of the journal is to foster deep understanding of the
fundamental mechanisms behind the phenomena and processes in geomaterials,
from kilometer-scale problems as they occur in geoscience, to a much finer
scale up to and including the nano-scale, as well as their potential impact
to geoengineering. The journal intends to capture and archive the
advancement in the field of geoengineering in a timely manner and in one

The journal contains research papers, review articles, short notes and
letters to the editors. The topics of interest include experimental,
analytical and numerical investigations into the mechanical, physical,
hydraulic and thermal properties of geomaterials as multiphase media under
different external agencies, e.g. monotonic, cyclic, static, dynamic,
transient and longterm loading, drawing upon the various applications in
geoengineering, e.g. foundation, dam, mining, tunnelling, geohazard,
geoenvironmental and petroleum engineering.

ISSN: 1861-1125 (print version)
ISSN: 1861-1133 (electronic version)

Manuscript submission via online system at:


W. Wu
Institut für Geotechnik
Universität für Bodenkultur
Feistmantelstr. 4, 1180 Vienna, Austria


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Current Issue: Volume 2, Number 2 / July 2007

Date: 20 August 2007

Original posting date: 
Monday, August 20, 2007
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