Acta Pediatrica Portuguesa (APP)


Acta Pediátrica Portuguesa (APP)

Publisher: Sociedade Portuguesa de Pediatria

Acta Pediátrica Portuguesa (APP) is directed primarily to pediatricians (part medical-surgical) and physicians in postgraduate training, their contents may be of interest to other physicians and professionals devoted to the health of children and adolescents included in its family and social environment.

APP seeks to cover a wide range of topics on Update in pediatrics, clinical practice, pediatrics, social, research, medical education, controversy, behavioural rules, etc... In this perspective, various methods of disclosure are adopted: editorials, original articles as of Pediatrics, summaries of presentations at scientific meetings, news of meetings, and open space to organizations devoted to children and adolescents.

ISSN: 0873-9781


João M. Videira Amaral
Email: or

Acta Pediátrica Portuguesa is available free of charge as an Open Access journal on the Internet.

Abstracts available online in Portuguese and English. Articles available in PDF format in Portuguese.

Current Issue: Volume 41 No. 6 Novembro/Dezembro 2010

Date: 11 May 2011

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011
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