Action, Criticism & Theory for Music Education


Action, Criticism & Theory for Music Education

Publisher: Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

ACT solicits studies dealing with critical, analytical, practical,
theoretical and policy development topics that are connected to applying,
challenging or building on the issues and topics germane to the Action
Ideals of the MayDay Group (see Those Ideals propose
areas and strategies for broadly needed change in music education, and
embrace a wide range of related topics, content, questions and issues
requiring focused study.

The Ideals should be understood, then, as working hypotheses rather than
doctrines or foregone conclusions. Therefore the focus of this journal is
devoted to these seven distinct but interacting domains rather than to other
topics.  Scholarship from diverse disciplinary perspectives is invited and
welcomed: education, music, philosophy, sociology, history, psychology,
curriculum studies, and others as well.  Submissions limited to highly
specialized topics unconnected to the broader interests of the Action Ideals
are not encouraged.

Audience and scope: The MayDay Group is an international and non-national
organization. Submissions should, as much as possible, be framed in terms
relevant and understandable to music educators everywhere.

Language: English is the preferred language, although manuscripts in other
languages will be reviewed when reviewers are available who are competent in
the language and content of the paper.

ISSN 1545-4517


Thomas Regelski

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Current Issue: Volume 3, Number 3 December, 2004

Date: 25 Jan. 2005

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
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