Action Learning: Research and Practice


Action Learning: Research and Practice

New for 2004

Editor: Mike Pedler, The Revans Institute for Action
Learning & Research, The University of Salford

Publication Details:
Volume 1, 2004, 2 issues per year
ISSN Print 1476-7333 ISSN Online 1476-7341

Action Learning : Research & Practice will publish articles
which advance knowledge and assist the development of
practice through the processes of action learning. Articles
should aim to create empirically grounded theory, which
widens understanding of action and learning in professional
and organisational settings.

Papers should encourage practitioners to gain new insights
into their work and help them improve their effectiveness
and contribution to their clients and the wider community.

Refereed papers. Submissions should be between 3000 and
6000 words in length.
Accounts of Practice. Submissions should be within a range
of 1000 - 3000 words.
Reviews - including review articles, surveys of fields of
practice, conference reports and book reviews of recent
relevant publications.

ISSN 1476-7333

Jane Dawson

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Monday, July 1, 2002
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