Activities, Adaptation & Aging


Activities, Adaptation & Aging

Publisher: Published by Haworth Press in cooperation with the National
Association of Activity Professionals Members

Complete and sensible concepts for developing activity services for the

Here is the working tool for activity directors and and all health care
professionals concerned with the enhancement of the lives of the aged.
Established as the primary journal for activity professionals, Activities,
Adaptation & Aging provides a professional outlet for formal and informal
research regarding the therapeutic implications of activities on
quality-of-life issues and overall life satisfaction‹in either institutional
or community settings‹for the elderly. This highly regarded journal also
continues to provide timely and useful case studies and program evaluations.

The journal examines a wide spectrum of activities:

* activity-based intervention for persons with dementia
* activity determinants in independent-living elderly
* activity implications in a variety of settings
* activity participation patterns
* activity implications for everyday practice.

Activities, Adaptation & Aging addresses such important topics as
evidence-based practice, evaluation, assessment of psychosocial history,
culture and its influence on menaingful activity, activities and caregivers,
volunteerism, and successful aging. Under the editorship of a leader in the
field, the journal promotes a strong interdisciplinary thrust, drawing upon
knowledge from the disciplines of physical, art, music, recreational, and
occupational therapy; and social work, nursing, psychiatry, and medicine.

This journal contains several regular features, including book reviews,
announcement and news, and ³Aging, Activities, and the Internet.²

ISSN: 0192-4788
Electronic ISSN: 1544-4368


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Current Issue: Volume 28 Issue 4 2004

Date: 9 Dec. 2004

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Thursday, December 9, 2004
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