Actualidades Arqueologicas


Actualidades Arqueológicas

Publisher: Grupo Arqueófilos

The new edition of the Actualidades Arqueológicas tries to retake and to
create a new space of opinion, debates and enlightenment, in which the
possibility exists of disclosing the works of all the impetuous
investigators of our discipline. Let us think that archaeology is a useful
weapon in the construction of a better social future, reason why its
spreading is essential: the central objective of the publication is to
establish through publication means that relate to the archaeological
community, directed to investigating students, educators and academics, as
well as to all that are enthusiastic about the discipline.

The magazine Actualidades Arqueológicas is, then, a magazine of scientific
inquiry about the archaeology of Mexico and the world, with regular
cuatrimestral and thematic numbers, handled and produced by the Arqueófilos
group, with the collaboration of the Instituto de Investigaciones
Antropológicas de la UNAM.

Our magazine has an academic, scientific and by all means social character;
it respects the freedom of opinion and participation with a base of respect
to the ideas it publishes, and tries to positively receive argued critics
and commentaries that are generated.

Actualidades Arqueológicas. Pasado en Presente.
Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas-UNAM.
Ciudad Universitaria, Circuito Exterior s/n,
CP. 04510, México, D.F.


Actualidades Arqueológicas is available free of charge as an Open Access
journal on the Internet.

Content available online in Spanish.

Current Issue: Number 1 May-June 2005

Date: 21 June 2006

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
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