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ADD/ADHD Newsletter
(Link active 2 April 2004)


The ADD/ADHD Newsletter for Parents is a monthly newsletter for parents of
ADD/ADHD children. The newsletter discussed both Medical Model approaches
to treatment including the use of medications, cognitive and behavioral
approaches to therapy, parent training classes, support groups, classroom
interventions, and so on, as well as the use of Additional or Alternative
forms of treatment, such as EEG Biofeedback training, Nutritional
approaches (diets), and Nutraceutical Medicines.

In each newsletter includes articles on Parenting ADD/ADHD Children,
School Interventions, Clinical Issues, Maximizing Your Child's
Performance, Product Reviews and/or Book Reviews, Web Site Reviews, and

To Subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter, and receive a free copy of our
May, 1997 Newsletter send an email to our autoresponder at or to "" without the
quotes. No message is required in either the subject or body of the

Our May Issue includes:
* Teaching Problem Solving Strategies to Children
* The Three Best Alternative Treatments for ADHD
* Maximizing Your Child's Performance -- The Parent's Role
* Product/ Book/ Web Site Reviews

Over 600 families are currently on the mailing list. Please join us!

To visit our ADD/ADHD Library section on the web go to (link inactive 2 April 2004) and go
to the ADD:101 Library section. We have over 60 pages of text on ADD

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