Addiction Research


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Addiction Research
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Addiction Research is a cross-disciplinary journal examining the effects of
context on the use and misuse of substances, and on the nature of
intoxications of all kinds. It aims to provide an outlet for the growing
body of theory and related research which sees the nature of "addicted"
behaviour of all types as arising from the social context within which it
takes place, rather than as an inevitable manifestation of biological
mechanisms or pharmacology. It publishes research which is primarily
psychological and social in origin, though these terms are used in a very
broad sense. Contributions are welcomed from the disciplines of
anthropology, economics, sociology, social- psychology, social and economic
history, and any other area illustrating the relationship between context
and the variable nature of those behaviours described as "addicted". The
range will include the substance-based addictions, but will also cover
problems not involving psychoactive agents, such as gambling, sexual
behaviour and eating disorders.


Editor: John B. Davies

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Monday, September 11, 2000
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