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Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 17:02:37 -0500 (EST)

Addiction Treatment Forum

Our goal is to serve the addiction treatment community - both
professionals and patients - as reporters of what has happened, what is
happening today, and what might happen to further the successful treatment
of drug addictions. Since addiction treatment is a very broad field, over
the years, our primary focus has been on opiate addiction and the benefits
of methadone treatment.

This web site features recent past issues of the A.T. Forum newsletter,
plus updated news reports, notices of upcoming events, and other current
information we hope you will find of interest. Since we will be updating
the information on a regular basis, we hope you will visit often. We also
take the "Forum" part of our mission quite seriously. Your own
participation will be most welcomed and is crucial for making A.T. Forum a
true platform for diverse opinions. While you are at this web site,
respond to our question of the month and give us your feedback. Your
responses may be anonymous if you prefer to protect your confidentiality.
We will gather this information and report back on the issues to our
newsletter readers and web site visitors. The printed version of the A.T.
Forum newsletter is still published quarterly and is available to all
interested persons at no charge. In fact, you can register for a free
subscription on this Web site. Both the A.T. Forum newsletter and this
web site are funded by an educational grant from Mallinckrodt Inc.,
Chesterfield, MO. Newsletter publication and web site maintenance are
under the direction of the Lanmark Group, an independent medical
communications firm. We're looking forward to hearing from you and hope
you find A.T. Forum both informative and helpful.

Recent Contents:

A.T.F. Volume VI #4.Fall 1997
Coke confounds MMT
Patients' Perspective
>From the Editor
Events to Note
Current Comments
Reader Survey Responses
Where to Get Info
Case Challenge

A.T.F. Volume VI #3. Summer 1997
High Dose Best Dose for Many
Managing Clinic Growth
>From the Editor
Events to Note
Change as a Challenge
Reader Survey Responses
Where to Get Info

A.T.F. Volume VI, #2. Spring, 1997
Methadone at Work
Smack is Back- Big Time!
>From the Editor
Events to Note
Reader Survey Responses
Methadone World Watch
Enlightened Belgium
Where to Get Info

A.T.F. Volume VI, #1. Winter, 1997
Optimal Methadone Dose?
CSAT: Medical Maintenance
>From the Editor
Meetings to Note
Physician with a Mission
Survey: Managed Care and MMT
Addiction Treatment on the Internet
Feedback: Horrifying Attitudes
Patient Perspectives


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