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Administrative Science Quarterly
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ASQ is the source of...

The best dissertation research in organization studies ASQ regularly
publishes the best theoretical and empirical papers based on
dissertations. Look to ASQ for new work from young scholars with fresh
views, opening new areas of inquiry.

Interdisciplinary work in organization theory

ASQ publishes the best organizational theory papers from a number of
disciplines, including organizational behavior and theory, sociology,
psychology and social psychology, strategic management, economics,
public administration, and industrial relations. Look to ASQ for work
that transcends the bounds of particular disciplines to speak to a broad

A range of perspectives and styles

ASQ publishes qualitative papers as well as quantitative work and purely
theoretical papers. Beginning with a special issue on qualitative
research in 1979, ASQ set the standard for excellence in qualitative
research. Theoretical perspectives and topics in ASQ span the range
from micro to macro, from lab experiments in psychology to work on
nation-states. Look to ASQ for breadth and diversity.

Award-winning papers

For the past three consecutive years, papers published in ASQ have won
the Best Paper Award from the Academy of Management's Organizational
Behavior Division. The award is given each year for the most
significant contribution to the field of organizational behavior. Look
to ASQ for quality research that expands your thinking on organizational

Informative book reviews

ASQ publishes thoughtful reviews of books important to the field, giving
readers enough information about each book and its contribution so that
they can judge for themselves whether the book will be helpful. In
addition, in each issue a list of publications received alerts readers
to the release of new books on organization studies and business
management. Look to ASQ for new book information.

The online version of this journal contains abstracts of articles.

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