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Adoption Quarterly

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Today, virtually all adoption reviews begin with a sentence like: ³The
landscape of adoption has changed radically over the past several decades.²
This is certainly true. Depending on the historical starting point, one
finds both linear and curvilinear trends over time. As one approaches the
present, however, what one finds are many divergent adoption realities.

Adoption Quarterly is an unparalleled forum for examining the issues of
child care, of adoption as viewed from a lifespan perspective, and of the
psychological and social meanings of the word ³family.² This international,
multidisciplinary journal features conceptual and empirical work,
commentaries, and book reviews from the fields of the social sciences,
humanities, biological sciences, law, and social policy.

In addition to examining ethical, biological, financial, social and
psychological adoption issues, Adoption Quarterly addresses continuity in
adoption issues that are important to both practitioners and researchers,
such as:

* negotiation of birth and adoptive family contact
* identity formation in the context of adoption
* adoption as a premier paradigm for studying the interactions of
nature, nurture, and the lifelong development of the adoptee
* adoptee adjustment (now viewed in a life-span perspective)
* adjustment issues for birth and adoptive parents

Adoption Quarterly also explores:

* the ideology of adoptive kinship
* adoption as an institution
* infertility solutions and reproductive technologies
* future trends for adoption . . . and much more!

The complexity modern adoption issues is daunting and challenging, but also
extraordinarily exciting. The place to follow this excitement is Adoption

Despite the importance of adoption in family formation and its considerable
value as a paradigm for scientific study, there is no other academic or
scholarly journal specializing in this field. By maintaining a consistently
high standard of scholarship, Adoption Quarterly helps stimulate research in
areas relevant to situations professionals commonly face and develop more
practice-based and empirically sound principles.

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Current Issue: Volume: 7 Issue: 2 2004

Date: 10 Sept. 2004

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Friday, September 10, 2004
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