Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews


Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews

Publisher: Elsevier, B.V.

The aim of the Journal is to provide a forum for the critical analysis of
advanced drug and gene delivery systems and their applications in human and
veterinary medicine. The Journal has a broad scope, covering the key issues
for effective drug and gene delivery, from administration to site-specific

In general, the Journal publishes review articles in a Theme Issue format.
Each Theme Issue provides a comprehensive and critical examination of
current and emerging research on the design and development of advanced drug
and gene delivery systems and their application to experimental and clinical
therapeutics. The goal is to illustrate the pivotal role of a
multidisciplinary approach to modern drug delivery, encompassing the
application of sound biological and physicochemical principles to the
engineering of drug delivery systems to meet the therapeutic need at hand.

Articles review the current status of a specific topic, giving equal
emphasis to the identification of major conceptual and technological
challenges to successful drug and gene delivery, to an evaluation of
triumphs as well as shortcomings in current conceptual and technical
approaches, and to a discussion of their possible solution.

Theme issues are commissioned by one of the Executive Editors or the
Editor-in-Chief. The Journal does not publish stand alone manuscripts. If
you wish to submit a theme issue topic for consideration, please contact one
of the editors.

ISSN: 0169-409X


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Current Issue: Volume 56, Issue 10 June 2004

Date: 3 Sept. 2004

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Friday, September 3, 2004
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