Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine (ASEM)


Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine (ASEM)

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Publisher: American Scientific Publishers

Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine (ASEM) is a science, engineering, technical and medical journal focused on the publishing of peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary research articles dealing with all fundamental and applied research aspects in the areas of:

(1) Physical Sciences,
(2) Engineering,
(3) Biological Sciences/Health Sciences,
(4) Medicine,
(5) Computer and Information Sciences,
(6) Mathematical Sciences,
(7) Agriculture Science and Engineering,
(8) Geosciences, and
(9) Energy/Fuels/Environmental/Green Science and Engineering.

ISSN: 2164-6627 (print)
EISSN: 2164-6635 (online)


Dr. Hari Singh Nalwa, PhD
American Scientific Publishers
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Valencia, California 91381-0751, USA

Tel. (661) 799-7200
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Current Issue: Volume 4, Number 2 (April 2012)

Date: 24 April 2012

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012
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