Advances in Adaptive Data Analysis (AADA)


Advances in Adaptive Data Analysis (AADA)

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Co.

Advances in Adaptive Data Analysis (AADA) is an interdisciplinary
journal dedicated to report original research results on data analysis
methodology developments and their applications, with a special emphasis
on the adaptive approaches. The mission of the journal is to elevate
data analysis above the routine data processing and make it a tool for
scientific research and engineering applications.

Data are the direct record of a given phenomenon and hence the only
connection between the reality and us; therefore, data analysis is the
way to get any information from an observed phenomenon and the only way
to find out the underlying driving mechanism. Consequently, data
analysis is very different from data processing. Data analysis
emphasizes detailed decomposition and examinations of the data to
extract physical understanding, while data processing relies on
established algorithms to provide mathematical parameters.

As research becomes increasingly sophisticated, the inadequacies of
traditional data processing methods have become glaringly clear. In
fact, for data from complicated scientific phenomena, the approach based
on a priori basis and linear and stationary assumptions would never work
well. To accommodate the needs of scientific data analysis, rather than
mathematical data processing, we have to face the reality of
nonstationarity and nonlinearity in the data. The only viable way is to
break away from traditional limitations and establish a new paradigm in
adaptive data analysis methods.

The emphasis of this journal will be:

* Reporting new advances in data analysis methods in general and
adaptive approach in particular.
* Reporting new applications of adaptive data analysis methods for
scientific and engineering problems.

Print ISSN: 1793-5369
Online ISSN: 1793-7175


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Applied Mathematics 217-50
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Current Issue: Volume: 2, Issue: 1 (January 2010)

Date: 25 March 2010

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Thursday, March 25, 2010
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