Advances in Applied Mathematics


 This online version of the print journal of the same name is published
 quarterly by Academic Press, Inc. through a program titled IDEAL
 (International Digital Electronic Access Library). Interdisciplinary in
 its coverage, Advances in Applied Mathematics is dedicated to the
 publication of original and expository articles on all aspects of applied
 mathematics. The journal features articles on discrete applied
 mathematics, statistics, mathematical biology, dynamical systems,
 algorithms, experimental mathematics, and theoretical computer science.
 Some articles appearing in the December 1996 issue of the Journal include:
 'The Enumeration of Permutations with a Prescribed Number of "Forbidden"
 Patterns', 'Rook Theory and Hypergeometric Series', and 'Multidimensional
 Cooley-Tukey Algorithms Revisited'.
 Subscription to this electronic journal involves licensing agreements with
 academic and industrial networks or consortia of libraries and can not be
 done on a personal or even title by title basis. However, the table of
 contents and article abstracts for each issue are available online
 free-of-charge. Articles are provided to members of subscriber
 institutions in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format.
 ISSN 0196-8858
 Editor: Gian-Carlo Rota

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Tuesday, February 4, 1997
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