Advances In Colloid And Interface Science


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Subject: Advances In Colloid And Interface Science
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Advances In Colloid And Interface Science
(Link inactive 31 August 2004)
(Link active 31 August 2004)

An International Journal Devoted to Experimental and Theoretical
Developments in Interfacial and Colloidal Phenomena and their Implications
in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Technology

Any subject within the realm of colloid and surface science will be deemed
appropriate for this Advances Journal. Thus, in addition to traditional
topics (as, for example, adsorption and pore structure, thermodynamical,
electrical and optical properties of dispersed systems, colloid stability,
radiation scattering from particles, surfactant properties, microemulsions),
such topics as rheology and transport properties of dispersed systems,
nucleation processes, and coupled flow phenomena through membranes will also
be considered. It should be stressed that in many cases polymeric systems
are also profitably considered within the framework of colloid science.
Subjects of technological and industrial interest, on the one hand, and
those which would normally be considered to fall in the domain of physics,
on the other, will be included so long as the emphasis is on the
fundamentals involved. In any case, the subject matter should be treated in
depth as a review of the current state of the subject area.

Researchers in Colloid Science.

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