Advances in Enzyme Regulation


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Subject: Advances in Enzyme Regulation
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Advances in Enzyme Regulation
(Link inactive 31 August 2004)
(Link active 31 August 2004)

This internationally acclaimed series reports progress at the cutting edge
in the strategic area of regulation at the molecular level. In an integrated
presentation of original papers, leading scientists, Nobel Prize winners and
other outstanding experts from many countries review the best research
produced each year and evaluate what is newest and what promises to be the
most important in clinical and basic investigations. The volumes serve as
guideposts and beacons for investigators in planning research and teaching
students in basic and clinical fields of endeavour. These books advance the
general front of studies on metabolic regulation and the understanding of
the molecular biology of control of gene expression by hormones, drugs and
growth factors in cancer cells and in clinical situations of diabetes,
inborn errors of metabolism and neoplasia.

Review of Volume 33: "Careful consideration and planning have been invested
in the crafting of this volume, and George Weber may feel well satisfied
with the final result ...... the book succeeds in its aim to be a source of
information and inspiration, and a laboratory and teaching companion.",
Clinical Oncology

Basic scientists and clinicians interested in metabolic regulation,
chemotherapy resistance, enzymic targeting and the role of oncogenes.

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Editor: George Weber

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Monday, May 15, 2000
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