Advances in Genomics and Genetics


Advances in Genomics and Genetics

Publisher: Dove Medical Press Ltd.

Language: English

Country: New Zealand

Advances in Genomics and Genetics is an international,

peer reviewed, open access journal that focuses on new

developments in characterizing the human and animal genome

and specific gene expressions in health and disease.

Particular emphasis will be given to those studies that

elucidate genes, biomarkers and targets in the development

of new or improved therapeutic interventions.

E-ISSN: 1179-9870

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. John Martignetti


Start Year: 2011

Subject: Genomes, Genetics,Genes, Biomarkers

Date Posted: 12 February, 2013

Open Access: 
Original posting date: 
Tuesday, February 12, 2013
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