Advances in Mathematics


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Subject: Advances in Mathematics
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Subject: Advances in Mathematics

Advances in Mathematics
(Link inactive 6 April 2004)
(Link active 6 April 2004)

This online version of the print magazine of the same name is published
monthly (except semimonthly in March, June, September, and December), by
Academic Press, Inc. through a program titled IDEAL (International
Digital Electronic Access Library). Advances in Mathematics will publish
papers in any area of pure mathematics. Particular regard will be given to
papers that represent a substantial advance in their field, and which are
stylistically attractive. It is recommended that papers be preceded by an
introduction outlining the state of the subject and the relevance of the
results presented. Occasionally, particularly well-written expository
surveys will also be published.

Some articles appearing in the December 1996 issue of the Journal include:
'Baire Category in Spaces of Measures', 'Invariants of Finite Groups over
Fields of Characteristic p', and 'Explicit Generators of the Invariants of
Finite Groups'.

Subscription to this electronic journal involves licensing agreements with
academic and industrial networks or consortia of libraries and can not be
done on a personal or even title by title basis. However, the table of
contents and article abstracts for each issue are available online
free-of-charge. Articles are provided to members of subscriber
institutions in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format.

ISSN 0001-8708

Editor: Gian-Carlo Rota

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