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Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 19:51:55 +0100
From: Michael Uwe Moebius <>

The Advocate's Forum
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Vol 1, 1994 -
Quarterly publication. Back issues available online.

Welcome to the Advocate's Forum Online, A social work journal managed
entirely by SSA (The School of Social Service Administration - The
University of Chicago) students with support from the Office of External

Inside you will find substantive articles reflecting the diversity of
interests, ideas, and concerns of social work students and graduates.
They and I welcome your comments and submissions. It is my hope that this
publication will serve to inform social workers in all areas of practice
and will improve the educational experience by fostering a valuable
exchange among social work students and professionals in the field.

Editorial Policy:

The Advocate's Forum is published quarterly by students in the School of
Social Service Administration (SSA) at the University of Chicago. The
purpose of the publication is to provide students, alumni and others with
an opportunity to debate and discuss relevant issues while also sharing
news and resources for the benefit of anyone interested in issues of
social justice.

The editorial board of The Advocate's Forum is composed of first and
second year SSA students. Submissions to the newsletter are reviewed and
selected by the Board, and are edited with permission from the authors.
Written submissions should be typed double-spaced, and no more than 4
pages. If the author wishes to remain anonymous during the review process,
only the title of the work should appear on the first page. A page
containing the title and name of the author should be attached to the back
of the submission. Authors whose articles are accepted for publication
will be requested, when possible, to prepare their manuscripts on computer
diskette. Responsibility for accuracy of information contained in written
submissions rests solely with their authors.

Gary B. Grant,
Associate Dean for External Affairs

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