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Aesclepian Chronicles
(Link inactive 14 September 2004)

Aesclepian Chronicles, an on-line journal, was first published in May, 1995
as a publication of the Synergistic Health Center (SHC), Chapel Hill, NC. In
May of 2000, The Center changed to Advance Physical Therapy and Holistic
Health. Aesclepian Chronicles was largely inactive during the interim
period. It has been reactivated and is a publication of Advance Physical
Therapy and Holistic Health, Chapel Hill, NC and Health Care for the Twenty
First Century (HC21), Cary, NC.

The goal of AC is to promote the role of holistic health practice and
integral philosophy. Equally of interest are structural and economic issues
as they relate to the attempts to develop new service delivery models and to
reform the national health system.

Aesclepian Chronicles is an electronic journal dedicated to complimentary
and allopathic medicine. The site contains current articles, archives of
back issues, and links to related sites including searchable indicies of
complementary and allopathic references.

In Greek mythology, Aesclepius, son of Apollo, the god of healing, was a
famous physician. His mother, Coronis, a princess of Thessaly, died when
he was an infant. Apollo entrusted the child's education to Chiron a
centaur, who taught Aesclepius the healing arts. Aesclepius, when grown,
became so skilled in surgery and the use of medicinal plants that he could
even restore the dead to life. Hades, ruler of the dead, became alarmed at
this and complained to Zeus, who killed Aesclepius with a thunderbolt.
Among the children of Aesclepius the best known are his daughters Hygeia
and Panacea.

Full-text articles are available in HTML format.

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