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Subject: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 15:48:12 -0400 (EDT)

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

This electronic edition of the print journal of the same name is published
bimonthly by Springer-Verlag New York, Inc. It is the official journal of
the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and an official
publication of the Lipoplasty Society of North America.

The purpose of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is to provide a forum for the
rapid publication of original articles dealing with techniques advancing
the art of aesthetic plastic surgery. Although many of these articles will
describe surgical craftsmanship per se others will deal with complications
in surgical procedures and methods by which to treat or avoid them.
"Second thoughts" about long established techniques, which should or might
be abandoned, modified, or improved, as well as symposia devoted to the
controversies arising from the use of one particular technique vs. another
and the lessons to be learned from these dialogues will be
included.Individual or isolated case histories, which may add to the
specialty's increasing fund of knowledge and its advancement; improvements
in surgical instruments, pharmaceuticals, and operating room equipment of
use to the aesthetic plastic surgeon, and discussions of ancillary
problems in aesthetic plastic surgery, such as the role of psychosocial
factors in the doctor-patient and the patient-public interrelationships,
are all to be presented. The role of preventive medicine and genetic
counseling in averting some of the conditions that ultimately require
aesthetic surgical correction, as well as certain factors that influence
the patient's and surgeon's aesthetic judgement in relation to the overall
appearance of a body feature, and the importance of physical anthropology
in understanding the patient's ethnic requirements for a particular type
of surgical procedure will be discussed. The history of the development
and continuing growth of aesthetic plastic surgery and the attitudes of
"society" and "the public" concerning the justification" for the use of
aesthetic plastic surgery will be dealt with. Perhaps most importantly,
papers and reports are to be published discussing the increasing role of
aesthetic plastic surgery as the final step in the overall rehabilitation
of patients undergoing longstanding and tedious reconstructive surgery for
the repair of congenital acquired, accidental and neoplastic defects.

Articles are available in full-text to subscribers of the journal in
Adobe Acrobat portable document format, and abstracts are available as
html free-of-charge.

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ISSN 0364-216X (printed version)
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Managing Editor: Blair O. Rogers

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Wednesday, July 30, 1997
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