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The Aestimum journal is an organ of the Centro Studi di Estimo e di Economia
Territoriale (Ce.S.E.T.) which was set up in Florence through notarial deed
on 8 June 1976, following the transfer from Milan where it was founded in
1955 with the authoritative sponsorship of Giuseppe Medici and Aldo Pagani.
Since 22 August 1988 the Centre has an agreement with the Department of
Agrarian Economy and Territorial Resources of Florence University. On 2
October 1993 the Ministerial Decree of 10 March 1993, comprising recognition
of the status of Ce.S.E.T. as a legal entity, was published in the Official

In 1976 the publication of the Ce.S.E.T. - Notizie Aestimum began, and in
1980, under the editorship of Prof. Ugo Sorbi, Aestimum was registered at
number 2875 of the Florence Court Register, adopting the features of a
twice-yearly periodical publication. The idea of the journal was to
elaborate issues in the sphere of appraisal, at both theoretical and applied
level, to address questions connected with territorial economy, with special
reference to territorial, environmental and ecological structures, to
valorise the links with other economic, legal and technical disciplines with
shared interests in terms of research and application, and to promote study
and research on legal and administrative questions connected with
territorial economics and appraisal.

>From 1998 to 2003 the editor-in-chief of the journal was Prof. Augusto
Marinelli, from whom Prof. Paolo Gajo took over in 2004. Since 2002 Firenze
University Press (FUP) has been in charge of the online and paper
distribution of the journal.

In the course of its activities, Ce.S.E.T. has promoted an annual Study
meeting, and numerous Seminars and Round Tables on specific themes relating
to the disciplinary spheres of competence. The results of these initiatives
have been duly published, along with the Aestimum journal and the Quaderni
monographs. The interest shown in this material led the Scientific Committee
of the Centre to take the decision to circulate it more widely.
Consequently, Ce.S.E.T. has decided to proceed to the digitisation of all
the paper material produced, under the scientific co-ordination of Prof.
Enrico Marone and in collaboration with FUP which prepared the digitisation
project. This material is now available on the FUP website organised into
the following categories:

Aestimum: a collection of all the issues of the journal, from its first
appearance as "Ce.S.E.T. - Notizie Aestimum", from 1977 to the present;
Atti degli incontri: Proceedings of the Study meetings of Ce.S.E.T from 1973
to the present;
Seminars: collection of the proceedings of the study seminars and round
tables promoted by the Centre from 1974 to the present;
Quaderni: monograph publications from 1984 to the present.

ISSN 1592-6117 (print)
ISSN 1724-2118 (online)

Aestimum Comitato di Redazione
Facoltà di Agraria di Firenze
P.le delle Cascine
18 - 50144 Firenze


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Current Issue: 2006 - Aestimum - 48 - Luglio

Date: 29 December 2006

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