Afkar / idees: Revue trimestrielle pour le dialogue entre le Maghreb, l'Espagne et l'Europe


Afkar / idées: Revue trimestrielle pour le dialogue entre le Maghreb,
l¹Espagne et l¹Europe

Publisher: Estudios de Politica Exterior S.A; IEMed Girona

The magazine Afkar / idées was intended to create a cultural bridge between
the European countries and the Maghreb. Published quarterly, Afkar / Ideas
has an edition in Spanish and one in French.

afkar / idées is to be a place for an exchange of ideas and a platform for
discussion on the future of our societies and relations between our
countries. It aims to answer some of the questions that face Europe, the
Mediterranean and Arab countries, on their place in the world of
globalization and the possibility of a regional response, adding the
influences of resources, markets, cultural energy and political projects.

ISSN 1697-0403 (Spanish version)
ISSN 1697-0411 (French version)

Estudios de Politica Exterior S.A.
Núñez de Balboa 49, 5º pl.
28001 - Madrid
Tel: 91 431 26 28
Fax: 91 435 40 27


Girona, 20. 5ª planta
08010 Barcelona
Tel: 93 244 98 50


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Current Issue: No. 21 Primavera 2009

Date: 21 April 2009

Original posting date: 
Tuesday, April 21, 2009
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