Africa Education Review


Africa Education Review

Publisher: Routledge and UNISA

Africa Education Review has been in existence since 1972 under the name
Educare. For many years it served as the in-house publication vehicle for
members of staff in the Faculty of Education at the University of South
Africa (Unisa). A decision was taken in 2003 that the journal should change
in status from being an in-house journal to one that is housed in the
Faculty of Education.

Africa Education Review is a scholarly, peer-reviewed accredited journal
that seeks the submission of unpublished articles on current educational
issues. It encourages debate, both theoretical and practical, on a wide
range of topics that represent a variety of cross-disciplinary interests.

Africa Education Review is interested in attracting submissions which
exhibit innovative qualitative and quantitative research methods and
approaches. The Journal seeks to stimulate important dialogue and
intellectual exchange on education and transformation with respect to
education in its broadest sense. What is of particular interest to the
Journal are manuscripts that seek to contribute to the challenges facing
primary, secondary and higher education on the African continent, as well as
in broader international and global contexts.

The Journal is cognisant of the need for capacity building in the area of
scholarly writing and publication among novice writers. It is also committed
to the acceleration and development of capacity among marginalised groups,
including those from developing countries, with particular emphasis on

Africa Education Review challenges contributors to use innovative,
provocative and creative ways of presenting and reporting their research. At
the same time, the Journal encourages authors to write clearly, logically
and systematically in order ensure that the content is accessible to a wide
readership, particularly those individuals who may not be familiar with the
subject and the context within which the article is conceptualised.

The journal may, from time to time, limit a specific issue to a theme, or it
may adopt a dual approach of dedicating a section of the issue to a specific
theme, or it may be completely open thematically.

Print ISSN: 1814-6627
Online ISSN: 1753-5921


Professor I. M. Ntshoe
University of South Africa
South Africa


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Current Issue: Volume 4 Issue 1 2007

Date: 11 December 2007

Original posting date: 
Tuesday, December 11, 2007
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