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Africa Renewal Online.

Publisher: Africa Section of the United Nations Department of Public

Previously titled Africa Recovery

The Africa Section of the United Nations Department of Public Information
seeks to provide timely and accurate news and analysis on the critical
economic and development challenges facing the African continent. Its
flagship publication is Africa Renewal magazine (formerly Africa Recovery),
which first appeared in 1987, but it also produces in-depth Briefing Papers,
information kits, and other releases.

Through these outlets, Africa Renewal examines the many issues that confront
the people of Africa, its leaders and its international partners: economic
reform, debt, education and health, women's advancement, conflict and civil
strife, democratization, aid, investment, trade, regional integration, rural
development and many other topics. It tracks the policy debates around these
issues, as they evolve. It provides expert analysis and on-the-spot
reporting on how those policies affect people on the ground. It features the
views of various policy-makers, non-governmental leaders and others actively
involved in efforts to transform Africa and improve its prospects on the
global stage.

Africa Renewal also reports on and examines the many different aspects of
the UN's involvement in Africa, especially within the framework of UN New
Agenda for the Development of Africa in the 1990s. It works closely with
various UN agencies and offices dealing with African issues, including the
UN Economic Commission for Africa and the Office of the Special Adviser on

Africa Section, DPI
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Current Issue: Volume 19 No. 4. January 2006

Date: 20 March 2006

Original posting date: 
Monday, March 20, 2006
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