Africa Research Bulletin - Political, Social and Cultural Series


Subject: Africa Research Bulletin - Political, Social and Cultural Series
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 13:46:29 -0500 (EST)

Africa Research Bulletin - Political, Social and Cultural Series
(Link inactive 14 September 2004)
(Link active 14 September 2004)

ISSN: 0001-9844

Africa Research Bulletin is the leading bulletin service on Africa
providing impartial summaries of, and extensive reports on, political and
economic developments throughout Africa. Drawing on over 100 local press
and radio sources, as well as information from government gazettes,
international organizations and agencies, and the European and American
press and news agencies, the Bulletin also contains first-hand comment
from internationally recognized experts. All sources are acknowledged and
each issue is comprehensively indexed. Cross references guide readers to
related articles in previous issues of the Bulletin.

Used together the accumulated knowledge of the Political and Economic
Bulletins give readers an in-depth understanding of Africa since 1964.

The Political Bulletin is divided into five sections, with countries and
regional entities listed alphabetically within each.

Conferences, Political Relations: detailed reports of annual conferences,
such as Organisation of African Unity. Updates on meetings of regional
blocs - AMU and ECOWAS - relations between Africa states and refugees

Government Changes: all changes to government ministers and constitutional
amendments. Elections results, parties standing and that of leading
figures. Political parties, thier role and leaders

Internal Security: extensive reports and analysis with up-to-date maps.
Clear background information and comments on future developments, from a
significant range of sources.

Overseas Relations: defence.arms agreements, as are diplomatic overtures,
changes, sanctions and international meetings, cuch as Commonwealth, which
include Africa. Also changes of gpvernment or presidency, which may have a
profound effect on Africa

Social and Cultural: overviews of a specific topic. Subjects covered
include: media, health, education, archaeology, conservation, sport,
film, street children

The Bulletin appears in two series - Political, Social and Cultural,
andEconomic, Financial and Technical - available separately or in a
combined subscription.

Please click here to link to Africa Research Bulletin (Economic)

Key Features:

Authoritative and comprehensive - a wide range of reports covering the
whole continent.

Subscription includes a free annual cumulative index

Published monthly, so you can be sure that all information is as
up-to-date as possible


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