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African Archaeological Review

African Archaeological Review publishes authoritative articles on African
archaeology, highlighting the outstanding contributions of this region's
past as they relate to key global issues. Important topics include the
emergence of modern humans, earliest manifestations of human culture, and
the origins of African plant and animal domesticates. Contributions feature
timely interregional (continental or subcontinental) studies covering a wide
research range, including: cultural continuities and discontinuities;
interregional interactions; biocultural evolution; cultural dynamics and
ecology; the role of cultural materials in politics and ideology; the
application of ethnohistorical, textual, and ethnoarchaeological data in
archaeological interpretation; conservation; management of cultural
heritage, information technology, and public archaeology. Papers present new
field data from key excavation sites or localities aimed at understanding
interregional processes, major cultural changes, and transitions in Africa's
past, and Africa's place in world archaeology.

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Sunday, October 14, 2001
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