African Geopolitics


African Geopolitics

Publisher: André Soussan

Includes qrticles, documents, editorials, book reviews and interviews
regarding African geopolitics.

African Geopolitics counts 46,500 subscribers throughout the world, of which
60% reside in Francophone areas (Central and West Africa, France, Canada,
Belgium, Switzerland) and 40% reside non-Francophone areas, including in
Africa, United States, and the United kingdom.

Subscribers include a majority of diplomats, government officials, members
of Non-Governmental Organizations, business leaders and academics in think
tanks and universities throughout the world.

Published quarterly in French and English.


André Soussan

African Geopolitics
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Saint Laurent (Quebec)
H4R 2T3 Canada

Tel : + (514) 705 7090
Fax : + (514) 334 8713

Content freely available online.

Current Issue: Winter 2004-2005 No. 17

Date: 19 May 2005

Original posting date: 
Thursday, May 19, 2005
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