African Identities


African Identities

New for 2003

Editors: Abebe Zegeye, Department of Sociology, University
of South Africa.
Pal Ahluwalia, Department of Politics, University of
Adelaide, Australia.

Publication Details:
Volume 1, 2003, 2 issues per year
ISSN Print 1472-5843 ISSN Online 1472-5851

African Identities will provide a critical forum for the
examination of African and diasporic expressions,
representations and identities. The aim of this journal is
to open up various horizons in the field: to encourage the
development of theory and practice in a wider spread of
disciplinary approaches to promote conceptual innovation
and to provide a venue for the entry of new perspectives.
The journal will focus on the myriad of ways in which
cultural production creates zones of profound expressive
possibilities by continually generating texts and contexts
of reflexive import.

ISSN 1472-5843

Jane Dawson

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Thursday, July 11, 2002
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