African Journal of Disability


African Journal of Disability

Description: The African Journal of Disability, the official journal
of the Centre for Rehabilitation Studies (CRS), Center for
Disability and Rehabilitation Studies (AfriNEAD) and Center for
Disability and Rehabilitation Studies (CEDRES), introduces and
discusses issues and experiences relating to and supporting the act of
better understanding the interfaces between disability, poverty and
practices of exclusion and marginalisation. Its articles yield new
insight into established human development practices, evaluate new
educational techniques and disability research, examine current
cultural and social discrimination, and bring serious critical
analysis to bear on problems shared across the African continent.

Language: English

Country: South Africa

Publisher: AOSIS OpenJournals

Frequency: As articles are ready to be published

Fee information current as of 11 April 2013

Open Access: Yes

Subscription fee or article fee: No

Publication fee for authors: No

Abstracts: Yes

Abstracts language: English

P-ISSN: 2223-9170

E-ISSN: 2226-7220


Start year: 2012

Keywords: Disability, Africa

Subject: Social Sciences

Date posted: 11 April 2013

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Thursday, April 11, 2013
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