African Journal of Environmental Assessment and Management


African Journal of Environmental Assessment and Management

African Journal of Environmental Assessment and Management is a journal
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AJEAM/RAGÉE focuses exclusively on environmental issues in Africa, and
aims to give Africa the opportunity to report on measures taken so far
in caring for its environment as well as in institutionalizing formal
environmental assessment and management principles and practices. It
will make it possible to answer the question “Who is doing What, Where
and with Whom?” in African environmental impact assessment and management.

AJEAM is an academic journal as well as a "best practice" forum on the
EIA experience in Africa. The Journal publishes articles in English and
French. Contributions to the journal add value to insight into Best
Practice in Africa. The articles are of interest to natural and social
scientists, policy makers, graduate students, professional practioners
and others interested in best practice in environmental assessment and

Archives date back to 1999.

ISSN: 1438-7890

Editors-in-Chief: Dr. Osman A. Sankoh email:
Dr. Aiah A. Gbakima email:
Dr. Pierre Andre email: pierre.andre@Umontreal.CA

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Monday, December 1, 2003
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