African Journal of Information Systems (AJIS)


African Journal of Information Systems (AJIS)

Publisher: International Center for IT and Development (ICITD)

The African Journal of Information Systems (AJIS) provides a high caliber
scholarly research journal in information and communication technology
(ICT). The focus of AJIS is to acquaint a broad audience of readers in the
variety of intellectual traditions included under the rubric of ICT in

Therefore, the journal aims at disseminating research on the transfer,
diffusion, and adoption of ICT within the context of Africa; the innovation
and development of ICT solutions for and within this context; impacts of ICT
on society and of society on ICT; and other relevant normative, empirical,
and theoretical concerns of ICT development, implementation, strategy,
management and policy that are distinctive to Africa and associated
developing economies.

Given that the AJIS seeks to be a conduit, not only for reporting high
caliber scholarly research, but also for facilitating the teaching of ICT to
prospective practitioners and researchers, AJIS also includes a section on
practice and implementation which encompasses (a) reports on field
conditions, (b) issues of field methodology, (c) downloadable data sets
useful for teaching, (d) ICT cases that have been designed for varying
levels of instruction, and (e) editorials.

ISSN 1936-0282


Prof. Peter Meso and Prof. Victor Mbarika
The African Journal of Information Systems
Editorial Office
Southern University
The International Center for IT and Development
Department of Management
TT Allain #117
Baton Rouge, LA 70813

Phone: 225 572 1042
Fax: 509 692 4643

African Journal of Information Systems is available free of charge as an
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Current Issue: Volume 1 Number 1 2008

Date: 22 August 2008

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Friday, August 22, 2008
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