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The Afrilex review proposes to offer to lawyer specialists in Africa a
permanent place of publication, debates and exchanges, as well as the venue
for them to make known their work with those which are interested in the
legal life on the African continent. The review accommodates all studies and
research on the science of the law and administrative science as a whole of
the countries of Africa.

Afrilex is oriented from the point of view of a collaboration with academics
and experts of the law interested by the African laws. For this reason, it
is not a competitor of the existing reviews on the African continent, but a
complement with all that already exists within the framework of the
promotion and the diffusion of research on the legal issues and questions in

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Développement Institutionnel des pays en développement
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Current Issue: No. 5 2006

Date: 26 March 2007

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
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