Afrique & histoire: Revue internationale d'histoire de l'Afrique


Afrique & histoire: Revue internationale d¹histoire de l¹Afrique

Publisher: Éditions Verdier

Afrique & histoire is an international journal devoted to Africa and its
marine interfaces (Atlantic and Indian Oceans, Red Sea, Mediterranean). It
publishes studies both in the Maghreb as the sub-Saharan Africa from
antiquity to the contemporary period.

Led by historians, it is open to all social and human sciences and
archeology since the dimension of time and historical issues are taken into

Afrique & histoire is the first French magazine devoted exclusively to the
history of Africa and publishes articles, grouped around themes, studies on
issues that are in debate, reports of holdings, critical analysis of recent
books, and is also open to contemporary literary tests.

P-ISSN 174-1977
E-ISSN 1776-2766

Afrique & histoire
Centre de recherches africaines
9, rue Mahler
75004 Paris


Selected content available after 1 year moving wall for free access.

Abstracts available online in French and English. Articles available in HTML
and PDF format in French.

Current Issue: Vol. 6 2006/3

Date: 10 November 2008

Original posting date: 
Monday, November 10, 2008
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