Afriques: Debats, Methodes et Terrains d'Histoire


Afriques: Débats, Méthodes et Terrains d'Histoire

Publisher: Centre d’Études des Mondes Africains

Afriques: Débats, Méthodes et Terrains d'Histoire is an international history journal which favors earlier periods in the nineteenth century, in dialogue with other disciplines such as archeology, philology, anthropology and linguistics.

It aims to take an interdisciplinary approach to the history of African worlds before the nineteenth century.

Issues generally follow a theme.

ISSN électronique 2108-6796

Revue Afriques
Centre d’études des mondes africains (UMR 8171 – CEMAf)
9 rue Malher
75004 Paris


Subject: History and Archaeology

Abstracts available online in French and English. Articles available in HTML and PDF format in French or English.

Current Issue: No. 03 2011

Date: 29 May 2012

Original posting date: 
Tuesday, May 29, 2012
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