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Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 10:27:47 -0500 (EST)


AgBioForum is a an on-line agricultural economics journal (est. since
1998) that publishes non-technical peer-reviewed articles on the economics
and management of agrobiotechnology. Biotechnology research will
fundamentally change the way food is produced and distributed. For those
who have observed its twenty-year history, it has been also clear that
agro-biotechnology is not an abstract technical process. Its pace, form
and direction are shaped by the complex interplay of scientists,
entrepreneurs, policy makers, consumers, educators, environmental
activists, religious and civic leaders and other actors. AgBioForum
focuses on the interactions of agro-biotechnology with economics and with
sociopolitical processes.

AgBioForum publishes short, non-technical articles reporting on current
research. Both invited and submitted referred contributions are published.
AgBioForum is committed to providing a space where academics, private and
public sector analysts, and decision makers can present timely scientific
evidence to enrich the on-going public debate regarding the economic and
social impacts of agricultural biotechnology.

It is available free-of-charge to all users, with a broad intended
audience, particularly academics, scholars, and college and high-school

No prior notice is necessary for users to download or print any document
appearing in AgBioForum for their own use. Articles, or any other
document appearing in AgBioForum, can be used for non-commercial,
educational, and teaching purposes by students and teachers.

* Use of material to promote free speech, learning, scholarly
research, and open discussion is encouraged.
* The copying or redistribution of articles or any other document
in any manner for personal or corporate gain is however prohibited.

Nichaya Sukpanich

AgBioForum is available free of charge as an Open Access journal on the

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