Agenda: Jewish Education


Agenda: Jewish Education

Publisher: JESNA, the Jewish Education Service of North America

JESNAŒs goal is to make engaging, inspiring, high quality Jewish education
available to every Jew in North America. Operating as a national resource, a
community partner, a catalyst and a consultant, an innovator and a guarantor
of quality, JESNA helps to: recruit and prepare new generations of talented,
committed Jewish educators; create and identify models of excellence in
educational practice; and assist communities and front-line institutions in
improving their programs and performance.

JESNA partners with a dynamic and a growing group of individuals,
organizations, institutions, and foundations to create consistent excellence
in Jewish education. In addition, JESNA works closely with the central
agencies for Jewish education that operate in more than 60 communities and
the Jewish federations in more than 150 communities throughout North

Agenda: Jewish Education is a catalyst for informed dialogue around policy
issues related to Jewish education. Agenda: Jewish Education seeks to
actively engage lay and professional decision makers from across the
spectrum of Jewish education institutions, organizations and federations by
means of published articles, forums and online discussions.

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Agenda: Jewish Education
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Current Issue: #18 Winter 2005

Date: 12 January 2006

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