Aggression and Violent Behavior, A Review Journal


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Subject: Aggression and Violent Behavior, A Review Journal
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Aggression and Violent Behavior, A Review Journal
(Link inactive 31 August 2004)
(Link active 31 August 2004)

Aggression and Violent Behavior, A Review Journal is a
multidisciplinary journal that publishes substantive and
integrative reviews, as well as summary reports of
innovative ongoing clinical research programs on a wide
range of topics germane to the field of aggression and
violent behavior. Papers encompass a large variety of
issues, populations, and domains, including homicide
(serial, spree, and mass murder: sexual homicide),
sexual deviance and assault (rape, serial rape, child
molestation, paraphilias), child and youth violence
(firesetting, gang violence, juvenile sexual offending),
family violence (child physical and sexual abuse, child
neglect, incest, spouse and elder abuse), genetic
predispositions, and the physiological basis of

Manuscripts that articulate disparate orientations will
be welcomed, given that this journal will be cross-
disciplinary and cross-theoretical. Indeed, papers will
emanate from numerous disciplines, psychology,
psychiatry, criminology, criminal justice, law,
sociology, anthropology, genetics, social work,
ethology, and physiology.

Papers describing the study of aggression in normal,
criminal, and psychopathological populations are
acceptable. Reviews of analog investigations of
aggression and animal models will be considered if the
contribution is likely to lead to significant movement
in the field. The emphasis, however, will be on
innovativeness of presentation and clarity of thinking.

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Editors: V.B. Van Hasselt and M. Hersen

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