Agnieszka's Dowry


Agnieszka's Dowry (AgD)
(Link inactive 29 September 2005)
(Link active 29 September 2005)

ISSN 1088-4300

Published by A Small Garlic Press, which since Jan 15, 1997 is a 501(c)3
Nonprofit Illinois Corporation. ASGP has always been staffed by part-time
volunteers. Likewise, Agnieszka's Dowry is co-edited by Marek Lugowski in
Chicago and katrina grace craig in Seattle. Therefore, submissioins in
email are essential. Guidelines and policies for ASGP and AgD are online
at the press site:
(Link inactive 29 September 2005)

AgD is a both an online (free access) and print (nominal
cost) serial. Online it is a randomly expanding installation of rooms,
each room containing a ring of poems. Rooms are grouped into
issues. While an issue is open and its content is being assembled, it is
entirely accessible to the public and this availability 'under
construction' is part of the editorial process and is meant to guide the
emerging context of each issue. Once closed, the issue remains online
indefinitely in the same spatial relationship to the previous content --
the archiving is the installation itself, hence randomly
expanding. Closed issues are printed as chapbooks, in alphabetical order
by author. As of 5 May 2000, ASGP has published 25 books, including 9
AgDs (Issue 2&3 is one book). Furthermore, ASGP volunteers price their
books at $2 to individuals as a point of pride. This price has not
changed from the beginning - summer 1995.


Co-editor: Marek Lugowski, Co-editor: katrina grace craig

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Sunday, April 21, 1996
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