Agricultural And Forest Meteorology


Subject: Agricultural And Forest Meteorology
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 10:21:57 -0500 (EST)

Agricultural And Forest Meteorology
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Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

An International Journal
Former title: Agricultural Meteorology


Agricultural and Forest Meteorology is an international journal for the
publication of original articles and reviews on the inter-relationship
between meteorology and the fields of plant, animal and soil sciences,
ecology, and biogeochemistry. Emphasis is on basic and applied scientific
research relevant to practical problems in agriculture, forestry, and
natural ecosystems. Articles must appeal to an international audience.
Theoretical models should be tested against experimental data. Special
issues devoted to single topics are also published.

Typical topics include canopy micrometeorology (e.g. the characterization
of radiative transfer, turbulence evapotranspiration, and the exchange of
trace gases and energy within and above managed and natural ecosystems),
aerobiology (e.g. the dispersion of pollen, pathogens, insects and
pesticides), biometeorology (e.g. the effect of weather and climate on
plant distribution, crop yield, water-use efficiency, phenology of plant
and animal development, and the energy balance of animals),
forest-fire/weather interactions and the role of vegetation on climate and

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